Prince Moe

my Story

I started smoking at an early age. My smoking began with cigarillos and shisha. I used to spend at least 1-2 hours daily smoking shisha and when I did not have a shisha around I grabbed my cigarillos. Most of the time, I went to shisha places to smoke with my friends and usually we spent a lot of money since we smoked so much. As I got older, my love for shisha grew more and more and I also started smoking cigars – mainly because I actually enjoyed the taste and despite their rather high price. Since I have always spent a lot of time in bars or clubs due to my job as a DJ, I used to always take my shisha with me. I had to arrive a little early because I had to prepare the shisha and very often I smoked it the whole night through, 4-6 hours continually.
In 2013, I noticed a new trend growing, called “vaping”. I started doing a lot of research and found out that the trend had become very popular and nowadays almost every third person vapes instead of smoking. Due to the fact that vaping is cheaper, easier and definitely portable, I thought it could be an alternative to my habits of smoking shisha or cigars. Since I already knew what I wanted, it was an easy and quick step to buy my first vaping device and I have been happy ever since.
I’ve been vaping since 2013 and I am happy to have found an alternative that helped me reduce smoking cigars and shisha. All in all, the most important part is that I enjoy vaping more than ever. It doesn’t make any mess and does not require any preparation like the shisha either.

Smoking is the past and vaping is the future.

See you